Risk Management for Senior Executives

This course is designed to identify the most important aspects of bank risk management processes and show how senior executives are central both to the construction of an appropriate framework and to the leadership that generates a risk management culture.


Note that the course is emphatically not a detailed description of individual risk management issues – as a senior executive, you may be comfortable with most of these issues already (if not, the detailed information is located in separate, specific courses). The approach in this course is to provide an overview of where the key risks arise and the core management issues contained in these risks.


    On completion of this course, you will be able to:

    How risks arise in banking; certain risks are specific to financial institutions, while others are generated by any large organization

    Why it is not clear that quantitative techniques alone give sufficient guidance to senior executives when assessing the extent of various risks

    What the key roles and responsibilities of senior executives are in ensuring that an institution conducts its business in accordance with the appropriate risk tolerance parameters

    How the viewpoint of regulators often contrasts with that of banks, and places an increasing burden on banks’ risk management teams


    Topic 1: What is Risk Management?

    Avoiding Russian Roulette!

    The Risk Management Process

    Banking is Risk Management

    Topic 2: Where Does the Risk Come From? (Identify)

    Sources of Risk

    o Interest Rate Risk

    o Credit Risk

    o Liquidity Risk

    o Market Risk

    o Operational Risk

    Major Risks – Case Studies

    Topic 3: Best Practices and Regulation

    Risk & Uncertainty

    Probability Distributions

    o The Prize

    o The Attractions

    o The Problems

    Quantitative vs Qualitative Approaches

    Data Collection

    Topic 4: How is Risk Navigated? (Manage)

    Navigating Risk

    The Importance of Leadership

    Risk Culture

    Risk Appetite

    Monitoring and Governance

    Risk Committees

    o Membership

    o Meetings

    o Objective

    o Responsibilities

    Risk Management Policies

    Risk Limits

    Risk Monitoring

    Risk Mitigation

    Topic 5: Why are Banks Regulated?

    The Regulatory Perspective

    Basel Requirements

    What is Capital Anyway?

    Regulation – A Growing Burden



    75 Minutes

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